Bible challenge

We sing in a Christian children song: Read your bible, pray every day, if you want to grow. Reading the bible is an important stone in the foundation of spiritual growth. But how much do we actually read? Sometimes I am surprised when I see how little knowledge some Christians have about the bible. It is very important for children to learn the biblical stories. But also for adults it remains important to read daily in the bible. I would like to challenge everybody to read each a day a part of the bible. Let us read the bible in one year! That is really not too much. If you look how many pages your bible has and you divide it by 365 then the result will be about four. If you read each day four pages you will have read the whole bible in one year! And then we start again. Is that not possible for the most of us? I know that it is not always easy, when you have a fulltime job and a family to take care off. You invest a lot of time in earthly things. But how many hours do people watch TV daily? Reading four pages in the bible costs you about 20 minutes. Do that investment and you will see that you will make great progress. Your bible knowledge will increase enormously and it will give a boost to your spiritual growth. I challenge everyone! Just try it.


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