World peace, do not all of us long for it?

Mother Theresa won many prizes and was once awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Once a man asked her how he could bring more peace in the world. She answered him: “Go home and take care of your family. Be friendly to them and bring peace into your home.”

Many people long for world peace. They dream of great things, great goals in the world. But everything starts at home. We must start small. It’s only when we are able to bring more peace into our own family that maybe one day we can bring peace into the team in which we work and into the company. Maybe one day we can do something for the greater society. But we must start at home and stop dreaming of great works.

The Vietnamese Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh goes one step further and asks the question how we can bring peace in our family around us. He says that first of all we have to find inner peace inside ourselves. We have to live in peace with ourselves. That is something we can reach by meditating regularly. When we have reached that inner peace we will also radiate it to the people around us. And that goes always further, just like when you throw a stone in the water. It makes circles that expand always further away. In that way we can bring change in the world.


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