Jeremiah and the potter

Jeremiah 18:2: “Go down to the potter’s house, and there I will give you my message.”

To go down means to humble yourself. God wants to speak to us, but as humans we are often too proud to listen to His voice. He can only speak to us when we are humble. And God has a lot to tell us. Once a Christian leader said: God speaks to me all the time. Can He do that to us too? He wants to reveal us His word and His will. He wants to show us what is the best way to live. He has wonderful things to say to us. God wants to make us happy. We will be more and more happy when we listen to his words.

This verse means also something else to me. When we are proud we sit on the top of our mountain. When our brothers and sisters also sit on the top of their mountain, then we are far away from each other. Then it is not possible to have fellowship. But if we come down from our mountain and we come in the valley, then we see that the mountains touch each other. There, down in the valley, they meet each other, and there we will have fellowship.

Let us be humble in our life, then God will certainly bless us.


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