First of all I want to apologize for not writing perfect English. I studied 6 years English at evening school, and each time I had to write an article the teachers found mistakes…

I am Andreas De Rudder and I live in Ghent, Belgium, Europe. I am an active Christian and I like writing texts that can be used for contemplation. I offer them here on my blog. I am first of all inspired by the Bible, but also by many other books. I like reading Christian books, but also books about Buddhism, psychology, philosophy, psychotherapy and other forms of spirituality. Anything that has to do with the mental and spiritual life and which can offer more wisdom. I am a real bookworm.

I trained as a psychiatric nurse and studied afterwards two years psychotherapy. So I have professional experience in mental healthcare.

Apart from my Christian experience I practice daily meditation like it is thought in zen Buddhism. I am coached by an officially recognized zenteacher.

When you like my texts feel free to contact me. I like corresponding about the Christian faith. I would like to come in touch with other believers and exchange ideas. I am open to believers from all Christian traditions and churches. It is my desire to come to a broad and cross-border dialogue.

It is my dream to study once philosophy.